Recipe Booklet

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Recipe Booklet


14 of our Boise's Bakery Recipes wrapped up into one softcover Recipe Booklet!

Are you craving a Sweet Dottie sugar cookie, or maybe a piece of Lemon + Chia pound cake?! Now you can bake it yourself! This booklet contains the exact recipes for treats we made at Boise's Bakery. 

Recipes inside the booklet:

  1. Cherry HanPie
  2. Jitterbug Cookie
  3. Ducky Cookie
  4. Kit N' Caboodle cookie
  5. Polka Dot cookie
  6. Jam Thumbprint Cookie
  7. Sweet Dottie Cookie
  8. Ginger Cookie
  9. Funky Monkey Pound Cake
  10. Lemon Chia Pound Cake
  11. Pumpkin Pound Cake
  12. Crunchy Cinnamon Granola
  13. Coco Cake
  14. Blueberry Scones

NOTE: Any variation from the original recipes will affect the outcome of the baked items.

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