Coming Up for #MacaronSaturday...

As we get busier at the bakery and Macaron Saturdays become increasingly popular (thanks you guys!), we have updated how we'll take Pre-Orders for the Macarons from the previous way you can read about here. Check it out!

Pre-ordering will be available 1 week before a Macaron Saturday and end on the upcoming Wednesday at midnight (July 27th). If you want to save some ahead of time, you will be responsible for keeping track of when to pickup and paying in advance online.

Just purchase through Bee Wise Goods SHOP. 2 flavors will be available, this week (July 30th) will be:

  • Watermelon
  • S'Mores

We will continue to serve them in the bakery twice per month (1st Sat. and 3rd Sat.) for anyone to swing by, or if you don't want to pre-order. Just a heads up, they sell out fast! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Click here to pre-order yours! (This link will only be active until July 30th 2016). We will post on our Calendar and the BB Menu.

Follow us on Insta @boisesbakery to get the latest updates for any news, events etc.

Thank you!

We have changed Macaron Saturday up a bit and want to give you the details! To get the same delicious Saturday treats!


1. Select 1 of the 2 flavors.

2. Select the desired quantity.

3. Click "ADD TO CART" and fill out the required fields (your Name and Phone Number).

4. If you wish to order both flavors, click our business name at the top left corner of the checkout page to return to our HOME page.

5. Click SHOP at the top navigation bar, scroll down and click "Macaron Saturday", then click the secondary flavor and repeat steps 2 and 3.

6. Now you can review your order and checkout. You will see your Order Summary on the right and the Contact & Shipping on the left. Fill out the Contact & Shipping and click CONTINUE.

7. Now select "In-store Pickup ONLY" for the Delivery Options (we don't ship our Macarons). You will be responsible for picking up on Saturday.

8. Fill out your billing information and click SUBMIT ORDER.