Makers Unwound: Dream to Reality

It’s a beautiful thing when dreams become reality, wouldn’t you agree? For us, those dreams are coming to fruition with the release of the very first issue of Makers Unwound on October 1st, 2016!!


Makers Unwound is a unique keepsake magazine that is ALL about creatives from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Inside each issue you’ll find delicious recipes, fun projects, and local stories from various artists in this amazing part of the country that we get to call home. This publication is truly a family affair and you can rest assured that you’ll see plenty of photography, and even an advice column, from our little BeeWise clan.


Ultimately, our hope is to create something that inspires you, whether that means completing a project for yourself or making something to share with others! For more information about the magazine, visit our Makers Unwound page. To pre-order, simply click here!


Happy Creating!