More Macarons!

For the past year we have been baking Macarons for what we call "Macaron Saturday" every month.

You guys are Mad as a March Hare {I looked that one up in the Thesaurus} for Macarons... and I love it ;)

As many of you know, they have SOLD OUT fast! Which is awesome, but in my magical fairyland I want you all to have Macarons!

Don't lose hope, we have a plan ;).

We are going to make Macarons twice a month! We will post an Insta, FB and Twitter post reminding y'all one week before and taking pre-orders to hopefully get a better idea about how much to bake. Even if those pre-orders are only 1 to 2 Macarons.

When we post on our Social Media pages one week before, we'll have you comment below and tell us how many you want. Then all you need to do is come into the bakery and pay for 'em.

Scheduled on our Calendar, CLICK HERE!

We hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your January!!