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Everyday there's always something new going on around here.

A couple of years ago we started brainstorming this idea of a unique publication, that would be valued like a book. Similar to many maker/creative magazines that we, ourselves admire greatly. It has always been a goal of ours to focus on the details of what local (pacific northwest) people do, love, or MAKE! Our magazine is full of people, places, inspiration, recipes and projects... and we want you to be a part of it.

Our mission is to share the importance of creativity and how it's woven into each of our lives. We want to inspire you to sustain handmade in the everyday details, with inspiration from local Maker's, DIY projects, and personal stories of make-it-work journeys (ours + others).

As a family team, we work together to find a collection of Maker's sharing cool mastery in the Pacific Northwest. We aim to release each issue biannually with 100+ pages printed by Evermore Prints in Boise. We believe there's a unique feeling when leafing through quality pages of a book or magazine; musing new inspirations and ideas for our next projects. Sustaining ideas, the handmade process, and keeping the creativity gears cranking is what we do. Supporting small businesses is what we know, being a small business ourselves. Travel, create and be inspired.

We will be updating at least once a day, @makerunwound on Instagram. Follow us for behind the scenes and sneak peeks!


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